About us

Solutions and network administrations

We are specialized in network administration
We provide for complex computer system delivery and services for small and middle-size enterprises. We concern about adequate implementation of all available functional applications to satisfy needs and comfort of users and smooth enterprise performance. The network solution is tailored to the customer needs and reflects his specifications.

Functionality: High level of security acquired by combination of several layers, networking of stations, remote network administration, restricted access to risky web pages and the network protection. Distant user access to e-mail and shared internal files PDA or smartphone distant access to the e-mail and diary. Sharing diaries and e-mails, mirroring stations data in server etc.

We provide the full system documentation, work out internal IT rules, establish SW and HW passport for users (we feel responsibility for invested money), we deliver well-structured and easy-reading step by step guide for convenient use of above said functions and roles of all users.

We deliver highly reliable performing DELL and Intel servers.

We use only highly sophisticated products and tools of Mikrotik (RouterOS), APC, Eset Grisoft AVG and Symantec.

The architecture and implementation of outward and inward security reflect specifications and needs of the customer.

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